Research and Clinical Medicine




Evaluation of the quantity and volume of tooth substance loss after conservative access cavities and root canal shaping on different types of human teeth-an in vitro study

Nica Luminița-Maria, Rotar Raul-Nicolae, Cîrligeriu Laura-Elena, Marica Anca-Laura, Talpoș-Niculescu Roxana-Maria, Jivănescu Anca

Cardiac and renal damage in elderly treated hypertensive patients with masked uncontrolled hypertension

Simina-Amelia Dejica, Mirela Cleopatra Tomescu, Diana Aurora Bordejevic, Tudor Pârvănescu, Roxana Mosoarca, Stela Iurciuc

Current evidence on core-needle biopsy (cnb) versus fine-needle aspiration (fna) for evaluating thyroid nodules

Diana-Maria Rusu, Florentina Mușat, Mara Carșote, Octavian Andronic

Research in Dental Medicine

Marius Raica

Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis, Risk with Impact for the Individual and Society - Critical Review

Titus David Moga, Ioana Moga, Paula Cristina Todor, Liana Todor, Ramona Amina Popovici, Daniela Domocoș

Comparative Analysis of the Efficacy of Different Types of Nickel-Titanium Rotary Systems in Shaping Simulated Root Canals

Camelia Gruia, Luminița-Maria Nica, Ramona Mărușter, Roxana-Maria Talpoș-Niculescu, Mirela-Simona Cotoranu, Laura-Elena Cîrligeriu

Treatment of Maxillary Bone Cysts with Addition Materials

Daniela Domocoș, Liana Todor, Paula Cristina Todor, Ramona Amina Popovici, Codruța Victoria Mihălceanu, Sergiu Andrei Todor

Bone Addition to Partial Edentulism in the Frontal Area of the Mandible

Cornelia Liana Micula-Cociuban, Teodor Traian Maghiar, Alexandru Spînu, Ramona Amina Popovici, Liana Todor, Raluca Iurcov, Mihaela Dana Pogan1

Two Clinical Techniques of Placing MTA Apical Plug in Teeth with Large Foramens-Series of Cases

Patricia Uzun, Amelia Codrea, Anda-Georgiana Românu, Roxana-Maria Talpoș Niculescu, Luminița-Maria Nica

Fabricating an Obturator Prosthesis after Maxillectomy in a Rare Case of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma - Case Report and Review of the Literature

Adriana Bisoc, Gabriela Ciavoi, Ioan Andrei Ţig, Magdalena Natalia Dina, Ramona Amina Popovici, Liana Todor, Oana Cella Andrei

Use of Questionnaires in Assessing the Level of Knowledge of Oral Hygiene and its Importance

Ion Virgil Corlan, Alina Tănase, Adelina Erimescu, Raluca Cosoroaba, Ramona Amina Popovici1

Upper Urinary Tract Urothelial Carcinoma: Molecular Profile and Possible Biomarkers for Targeted Therapy

Ovidiu Cătălin Ferician, Adela Maria Ferician, Alin Cumpănaș

Is Subclinical Vasculitis in Rheumathoid Arthritis a Predictor for the Outcome?

Liliana Bordean, Monica Chiș

Image of the Month-Unusual Non-Neoplastic Balloon Lesion of the Nasopharynx Epithelium

Cristina Stefania Dumitru, Caius Doros, Nela Pusa Gaje