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Volume I, Supplement 1

PhD students: making research and publishing

Sporea I

Particularities of hypertensive disease in patients on dialysis

Apostol A, Turcan M, Ivan V

Can the determination of procalcitonin in prehospital (emergency department) be a useful and precocious marker in sepsis?

Neagoe AM

A meta-analysis of the prevalence of toxoplasma gondii igg antibodies in patients with mental disorders

Dragomir A, Olariu TR

Clinicopathological analysis of prognostic factors in colorectal carcinoma

Jurescu A, Gheju A, Cornea R, Muresan A, Lazureanu C, Taban S, Dema A

Differential clinical effects of chlorhexidine gels on patients undergoing orthodontic treatment

Buzatu R, Pogan A, Onisei D, Valceanu AS, Onisei D

Correlation between sleep apnea syndrome and heart failure depending on ejection fraction

Ardelean CL, Lighezan DF, Mihaicuta S, Pescariu S

Cognitive status in elderly patients with hip fracture in western Romania

Vasilian CC, Tamasan SC, Oprea M, Poenaru DV

The arsonists portrait- as seen by forensic psychiatric examination

Radulescu SD, Manea MO, Enache A

Monoamine oxidases contribute to endothelial dysfunction of the vascular access in hemodialysis patients

Utu D, Sturza A, Pantea S, Muntean D

Polysomnography test and sleep disordered breathing in Prader-Willi syndrome

Dobrescu AI, Ardelean L, Matei C, Tampa M, Puiu M, Mihaicusa S

The prevalence of familial hypercholesterolemia in teenagers from Timișoara

Dumitrescu A, Lengher C, Mut Vitcu G, Mosteoru S, Gaita D

A new solution in cartilage repair surgery of joint lesions

Patrascu JM, Cojoaru D, Lazarescu A, Sandesc M, Florescu S, Andor B

Study on the valorization of Salvia officinalis volatile oil in dermato-cosmetology

Dumitrache E, Dragomirescu A, Andrei F, Alexa E, Lemle K

Is there a role for fat grafting in nerve regeneration?

Gal-Nadasan E, Poenaru DV, Andrei D, Gal-Nadasan N

Which are the best cut-off values for predicting different stages of liver fibrosis for in daily practice?

Bende F, Sporea I, Popescu A, Sirli R, Danila M, Mare R, Lupusoru R, Stepan AM

The indications of polyethylene in the orthodontic field

Grigore A, Onisei D, Schiller E, Szuhanek C

Experimental skin carcinoma by UVB application

Iftode A, Berceanu MF, Chioibas R, Motoc A, Crainiceanu Z, Bratu T, Coricovac D, Pinzaru I, Pavel IZ

Assessment of antitumoral and antimicrobial effects of a maslinic acid derivative

Pavel IZ, Danciu C, Muntean D, Dehelean CA, Csuk R, Muntean DM

Preliminary study on a polymer carrier containing ginger extract with possible applications in cardiovascular disease

Borcan LC, Borcan F, Tomescu MC

Plant micro-RNA identification and transfer– a new dimension to herbal medicine

Sala-Cirtog M, Sirbu OI,Seclaman E, Marian C, Boldura O, Anghel A

Assessment of the monoamine oxidase inhibition effect on ischemic preconditioning in isolated rat hearts

Privistirescu A, Danila M, Ordodi V, Muntean D

What is to be done when transient elastography is not feasible?

Lupusoru R, Sprea I, Popescu I, Popescu A, Sirli R, Danila M, Moleriu R, Zaharia C

Standardization of the assessment protocol of mitochondrial respiration in human platelets

Ratiu DC, Petrus TA, Lighezan R, Duicu OM, Muntean MD

Intra- and interobserver variability of ELASTPQ

Mare R, Sporea I, Gradinaru-Tascau O, Pienar C, Bende F, Popescu A, Sirli R

The role of oxidative stress and periodontal disease in squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity – a review

Boia S, Poenaru M, Onisei D, Onisei D, Balica NC, Boia ER

Life assessment quality in patients allergic to outdoor allergens in the Banat area

Tamas TP, Panaitescu C

Morphologic changes in the injured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) correlated with the expressions of protein S100 and NFAP: major therapeutic implications or a false gateway towards improving ACL reconstruction?

Jitariu AA, Trocan I, Ceausu AR, Haragus H, Raica M

Is CEUS (contrast enhanced ultrasonography) a useful tool in a beginner’s hands? How much can CAD (computer assisted diagnosis) prototype help us in the characterization of malignancy in focal lesions of the liver?

Moga TV, Sirli R, Popescu A, Danila A, Danila M, Sporea I, David C, Gui V

QRT-PCR evaluation of selected microRNAs’ expressions in the amniotic fluid and chorionic villus samples from Down syndrome pregnancies

Vizitiu AC, Alexa A, Bejinar C, Anghel A, Stambouli D, Muresan C, Anastasiu D, Sirbu IO

Does fat grafting have any beneficial effects in nerve regeneration?

Bloanca V, Crainiceanu Z, Cimpean AM, Pesecan A, Bratu T