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Volume One Number Two
January - June 2017

Results of peginterferon alpha-2a treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis B in the Western part of Romania

Roxana Șirli, Ioan Sporea, Milana Szilaski, Manuela Curescu, Mirela Dănilă, Alina Popescu

P53 is unstable during metastatic development of the human breast cancer: A comparison between the primary tumor and lymph node metastasis

Veaceslav Fulga

The role of VEGF165B in pituitary adenomas pathogenesis

Eugen Melnic

Anaplastic meningioma: The dark side of meningiomas

Andreea Cioca, Fit Ana-Maria, Irina Marin

Morphologic changes in the injured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) correlated with the expressions of protein S100 AND NFAP: Major therapeutic implications or a wrong gateway towards improving ACL reconstruction ?

Andreea Adriana Jitariu, Ilie Trocan, Amalia Raluca Ceaușu, Horia Hărăguș, Grațian Damian, Marius Raica

Cerebellum developmental challenges: From morphology to molecular issues

Andrei Cosma, Amalia Raluca Ceaușu, Andreea Adriana Jitariu, Andrei Dragoș Cumpănaș,Rodica Heredea

Myositis ossificans - A case report and review of literature

Andreea Adriana Jitariu, Rodica Heredea, Amalia Raluca Ceaușu